a true Pizzeria

At our pizzeria, you will taste the true, authentic italian pizza, baked in a wood oven with the highest quality ingredients. Our dought is made in the traditional italian style and our mozzarella cheese is imported straight from Italy.


Bufalina cheese

Extra mozzarella


Gourmet Pizza


From the oven, straight to your plate

Order from your device

Our interactive digital menu provided by Treasure Media makes it easy for you to order online


Short waiting times

As our pizzas are baked in traditional wood ovens, they don’t take long , but they retain their distinctive smokey flavour


Straight to your table

When your pizza is ready, we will immediately take is straight to your table, so you don’t have to wait for that yummy pizza!

Our Pizza is the most authentic pizza you’ll find in the whole United States of America. Our family’s roots are as Italian as they can get: our whole family comes from Parma, Italy, and the founders of the pizzeria emigrated from Italy in 1987 with the dream to bring the amazing Italian culture into America. Over 30 years later, not only are we happy to have succeeded in that mission, but we also want to expand to south America.

“ This is by far the best pizza we have ever eaten. All of the other pizzas cannot even compare to this one!"

"Eating this pizza brought me back to the memories I had of eating nana's 's pizza in Napoli"

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Opening Hours

Everyday, 11am – 11pm