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Website design and maintenance

We offer website design / creation as one of our main services. This service can be performed on 3 different platforms to ensure the best experience for every user

What we take care of

First concepts

We collaborate with you and show you multiple concepts of designs, site maps and colour schemes so that before we even get started you have an idea of what the site will look like, and we are sure that you are going to like it

Website design and hosting

Treasure Media will take care of all the design work, we can also manage the domain registration and the hosting for your website through third party servers. This way, your site can be up and running and it is all managed by us, without you having to do a single thing

Maintenance and upkeep

After deploying the website, we can maintain it and consistently upload content to make sure that it stays relevant and up to date with all the information you want to be displayed on it

The three platforms

as our cheapest option, Wix provides the most “closed” options compared to the two other platforms, it has its own hosting service, its own apps and its editor is not open source

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The more closed nature of this platform can be detrimental to some, but extremely beneficial to others: first of all, it massively decreases the amount of subscriptions and websites that you’ll have to keep track of: everything is in one place, simply laid out.

Also, Wix provides easy support for e-commerce websites through their Business memberships, which we can offer at a discounted price due to our partnership with them.

This platform allows for a relatively quick and painless website creation that allows for good and clean designs. Unfortunately this simplicity comes at the cost of some advanced customizability options, which unfortunately are not available.

If you want a simple website, with not too many animations and that will be easy to look after then WIX might just be the platform for you!


SquareSpace is the second platform that we work with: it has gained fame for its award winning templates and simple user interface which allows for clean and modern designs

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SquareSpace is very similar to Wix in many ways: it also offers domain registration and hosting services, and is more closed than other platforms, but it has gained a lot of fame because of its templates and UI that have won multiple awards in the past few years.

SquareSpace websites have a very clean and sophisticated look that doesn’t give the “website platform” feel, and looks very elegant in doing so.

It’s main drawback, for some, is that the colour palettes provided by default by SquareSpace tend to be more on the dull side, sticking with the elegant theme. This may be an upside for some but for others it could make their decisions about colours a bit more difficult.

If you are looking for a clean and sophisticated website, without needing a lot of customisation, SquareSpace might be the platform for you!


WordPress is our third and final platform. Its open source nature allows it to be the host of many incredible designs with animations and extremely unique, modern and sophisticated designs

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WordPress is very different from the two platforms before it: it does not offer a hosting service, and most importantly it is open source. This means that any good developer can look at the code and make their own version of it, which can then be used to make websites. This allows for endless possibilities both in design and in functionality.

Good WordPress websites look just like they had been coded in HTML by an experienced coder, giving the most professional, modern and clean aesthetic out of all the builders. 

The only drawbacks it has are that the hosting has to be done through third parties, but we will take care of that, and that it almost offers too many possibilities for someone to choose!

With this builder, the designs can range massively, and the results can be truly inspiring when done carefully.

This is our most expensive option, but it is definitely recommended for bigger and more trafficked websites. It is also recommended if you just want to add a unique twist to your look, and add animations that most of your competitors surely won’t have.


Our Website Prices

The plans below are guidelines of what our starting prices are, every time you come in contact with us we will make a completely customised plan for you and your business

Testimonials from our clients

"Es un placer trabajar con Treasure Media.

Desde primera hora supieron encajar al 100% la idea que queríamos plasmar para nuestro servicio, cumpliendo con creces gracias a su profesionalidad y resolución.

Nos han proporcionado un trabajo Fantástico!"

Salva, "Fantastico"

Manager at Bo Banus

"We are currently collaborating with Treasure Media on the design and release of our website, and until now our experience has been perfect. They have always kept on schedule with the website milestones and have proceeded to keep us informed of whatever move they make with the adverts. Those have resulted in a significant rise of conversions for us. I would recommend Treasure Media to anyone wanting to grow their business."

BePureHealth S.L.

"Mi sono rivolta a Treasure Media per risolvere dei problemi con il mio sito di e-commerce, e ho trovato molto di più: un aiuto costante, reperibile a qualsiasi ora e in qualsiasi momento, estremamente disponibile e soprattutto davvero onesto.Il mio rapporto collaborativo con Treasure Media dura ormai da 5 mesi, e credo che continuerà per molto tempo!"

Sara Bolla

Founder of Labó Milano

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