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We offer specialised marketing plans specific to your business and to your needs, using the most powerful platforms and the best tools to empower your brand!

The importance of Digital Marketing

In a world where more and more people are relying on the internet and on reviews to help them make a buying decision, business are becoming increasingly connected to the digital world. 

In order to stand out in such a saturated market, it is important to create a digital presence that inspires quality and professionalism.

Treasure Media can take care of all of this for you! We focus on creating engaging adverts on the world’s most popular platforms to make sure that whatever your product or service is, and wherever your business is based, you will reach your target market and create conversions.


What we can do to help you boost your online footprint

Strategic ad placements

We will Study the competition and make sure that the advert we create for you is competitive and uses the most important terms and keywords to make sure that it ranks high in the performance and quality ratings. These ratings push the ads further up, and if they are high they can reduce the costs of the ads themselves.


Always careful

When creating adverts, it is important to not break any rules and not breaking any intellectual property. While this may seem trivial at first, it can be quite challanging without the proper production resources. We will take care of this whole process and can guarantee that there will not be any copyright related issues.

Analyse and tweak

When the ads are active, we will constantly monitor them and make sure that they are delivering the most conversions possible. We meticulously analyse the performance of the adverts and optimise it so that they can create the most leads for the least amount of investment on your part. 

Performance reports

Depending on the type of service that you decide to negotiate with us, we will send you performance reports with all of the expenses, leads, views and conversions generated by the adverts, so that you can always keep track of the work that is being done. We can do this on a monthly or a weekly basis depending on the type of service you choose

Social Media Management

When making targeted ad campaigns and creating your digital presence, it is also important to make sure that all official accounts related to your business maintain the type of quality that you want to pass on to the customer. For this reason, we can also provide Social Media Management services, so you won’t have to worry about your image online.

Access to our network

Apart from our marketing services, we also offer professional web design services and special menu software for bars and restaurants. We have a network of collaborators from designers, to photographers to many other professionals who will make sure that whatever request you have will be fulfilled


Constant communication

We pride ourselves on our transparency with your clients: we make sure that every time we make a significant change to an ad, a change to a design or have discovered something that could be interesting to the client, we will make sure to communicate with the client directly. We will also be available to answer any questions or requests within one business day 

Billing and expenses

When working on a project, we will keep every expense made in a singular folder holding the documents of that specific project, so that we can keep track of the expenses, and we can share them with you in our monthly performance reports, ensuring that you are always informed.


Simple and Flexible Pricing

The plans shown below are guidelines of what our starting prices are, every time you come in contact with us we will make a

completely custom plan for you and your business

The platforms we use

The platforms below are the ones that we use the most when creating, optimising and publishing our adverts*.

*We also use other programs and software. When designing an advert for you, we will make sure to keep you in the loop and let you know which programs we are using for what type of task, so that if you ever want to make an edit of your own, you know where you can do it from.

Testimonials from our clients

"Es un placer trabajar con Treasure Media.

Desde primera hora supieron encajar al 100% la idea que queríamos plasmar para nuestro servicio, cumpliendo con creces gracias a su profesionalidad y resolución.

Nos han proporcionado un trabajo Fantástico!"

Salva, "Fantastico"

Manager at Bo Banus

"We are currently collaborating with Treasure Media on the design and release of our website, and until now our experience has been perfect. They have always kept on schedule with the website milestones and have proceeded to keep us informed of whatever move they make with the adverts. Those have resulted in a significant rise of conversions for us. I would recommend Treasure Media to anyone wanting to grow their business."

BePureHealth S.L.

"Mi sono rivolta a Treasure Media per risolvere dei problemi con il mio sito di e-commerce, e ho trovato molto di più: un aiuto costante, reperibile a qualsiasi ora e in qualsiasi momento, estremamente disponibile e soprattutto davvero onesto.Il mio rapporto collaborativo con Treasure Media dura ormai da 5 mesi, e credo che continuerà per molto tempo!"

Sara Bolla

Founder of Labó Milano

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