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Want to Drive More Traffic To Your Business?

In the recent years, it has become increasingly important to establish an online presence in order to succeed as a business. More and more customers turn to the internet whenever they want to make a buying decision, so it is important to impress them sincec the start.

Treasure Media takes care of the whole digitalisation process for your business: we can create a strategy, design your website, advertise it and manage its social media without you having to do anything on your end. 

Marketing Can Be Overwhelming. We take care of all of that, for you

Creating a strategy

Treasure Media will study your business and its competitors, and will create a custom strategy to help your business stand out and succeed

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When marketing a product or a service, it is important to have a detailed strategy outlining all of the relevant markets, targets and selling points of the product / service being advertised. If the product is aimed at the wrong demographic, even the most amazing ads might not yield the best results.

For this reason, Treasure Media does a deep dive into your business, the product or service you are selling, the market and the competitors. This will allow us to have a better idea of the type of campaigns we have to create. Once this is done, we will write up a detailed document with a strategy, showing all our evaluations and ultimately showing what we think will work better to expand the reach of your business.


Social Media Management

A well organised and visually appealing social media account can be the difference between a lead and a sale. We will make sure your social media is always clean and inspiring.

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A good website and good adverts are important to the success of a business, but another aspect that is often overlooked is the importance of having active, healthy and well maintained social media accounts. 

Social media can be extremely important at bringing people towards your website and give you leads, and just like SEO to Google ads, a well kept account is a perfect addition to great Facebook and Instagram ads, as it will increase brand credibility and give that extra touch of personality to your business.

Clients more than ever value the personal “feel” that can be passed through using social media, and making them feel part of your adventure can turn them from possible customers into returning and loyal clients.

Treasure Media offers the social media management service with most of our advertising plans. As said in the marketing page of the website, all of our plans are custom and specifically created for the client, so if you want to know more, contact us through the contact page.


Google Ads

Our experience with Google Ads allows us to create ad sets that produce the best results for a lower cost, without ever sacrificing quality

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While search engine optimisation can yield amazing long term results in generating leads and increasing your sales, it is a process that takes time and consistent updates. Google ads is the simplest way to momentarily skip this process and get somewhat immediate results.

Adverts on Google place you at the top of the search results regarding the keywords you want to target. In recent years, Google has made it more and more difficult to distinguish between what is an ad and what is not, meaning that the search result will seem like a result of great SEO.

Google ads can be the turning point of a business, whether it is a local business or a multinational, it has the power to truly highlight a website and a product and display it to billions of people.

Combined with good SEO, Google ads becomes the perfect way to further highlight your website and product, as the SEO will make sure you are in the first results of certain keywords, and in case a user enters your websites, the ads will remind them of your products.


Search Engine Optimization

SEO is extremely important if you want to appear at the top of the search results. Alongside your website, we can take care of this aspect of your online presence.

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In order to appear at the top of the Google search list, it is important to optimise the website for the operating system so that it hits all the checkboxes to make it rank higher in the results page. This allows the website to receive more organic visitors and also makes it look more reputable and reliable.

SEO can also help with keywords and terms to do with the business itself, meaning that if someone is looking for a specific service and the website is optimised, it will show up before the competition even if the name of the website itself is different.

As our team grows, we will start offering first party SEO services. As for now, we have a network of reliable partners that can do Search Engine optimisation for you. Treasure Media will take care of everything to ensure a smooth experience with the best results achievable.


Facebook Marketing

Facebook is the most popular social media platform on the planet, through this, Treasure Media will ensure that the most eyes will fall on your business

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Being the most popular social media platform in the world, Facebook has an incredibly extended reach into two different demographics: Facebook itself can tap into the older audiences while Instagram (owned by Facebook) will allow you to engage with a younger average user base. 

While the two platforms are linked,  meaning that they can operate in conjunction with one another, we treat them as two separate services. This is because the average user of each platform is so different from the other that using the same advert for both platforms is possibly detrimental rather than beneficial.

We offer different adverts on those platforms, and offer specialised designs and terminology to better target the demographic and target market of your choice, generating more leads and better results.


Aware and Competitive

Being aware of the competition is important if you want to stand out, we will make sure to study your competitors and find ways to become more appealing than them, without damaging the brand.

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When marketing a product, it is also important to not only be aware of the competition, but also of their copyrights, their intellectual property and their possible disputes against any material published by your business.

Treasure Media takes precautions and researches your market to make sure that whatever is published in the adverts leaves you completely protected and will not lead to any issues.

Furthermore, we will also monitor the competition to make sure that your material is not stolen and republished by other competitors in your area of interest.


Web Design

Alongside the marketing aspect, we also provide stunning websites either through WordPress, Squarespace or Wix

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In order to look reputable in the ever expanding online market, it is important to have a well designed, intuitive and responsive website. Your website may very well be your first contact with a potential client, therefore it is vital that, whether it is simple or complex, it just works.

Treasure Media designs websites with the three most common platforms in the world, they each have a benefit compared to one another, whether it is WordPress’s OpenSource nature that allows for more impressive and complex designs, Squarespace’s ease of use and it’s award winning templates, or Wix’s closed end approach that takes care of all the hosting side for you.

Being three different platforms, we offer different base prices for each, and if you want to know which platform is the best for you, you can just get in contact with us through the contact page, tell us a bit about your project, we’ll analyse it and get back at you with the perfect plan for your activity, keeping in mind both budget and time management.

Google Analytics

Google analytics allows us to get an insight into the performance of the website and where the visitors are drawn. Using this, we can optimise it and ensure the best results.

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The perfect companion to SEO, Google Ads and Facebook / Instagram ads is Google Analytics. This platform allows you to continuously check website activity, and important analytics that can guide you into optimising your strategy.

Some of the information it shows is the estimated location of the visitor of the website, which can help to target a specific location if it shows more interest. It can also show the most visited pages, the bounce rate, the average length of a session on the website, the returning users and so much more.

As said above, if used correctly this tool can become the perfect companion to any ad campaign. Treasure Media uses it to analyse the performance of our ads, optimise them and then finally include all of our findings in the monthly (or weekly) reports we provide.


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