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About Treasure media

In this page you will find out about Treasure Media, our origins, how we came together. In addition to that, we describe our main values and our achievements

We approach marketing differently

Many companies tend to take marketing as a chore that has to be done in order to succeed, and while marketing is indeed vital, we embark every new project with enthusiasm towards the brand / business we are advertising, rather than towards the reward we get. Our adverts work because we ourselves get excited for the product / service we are advertising, which allows us to truly communicate this emotion with the customers

We are continuously researching and on the hunt for new strategies and combinations that we can use in order to improve our services: we spend at least 30 minutes every day reading on news regarding the platforms we use, and if something catches our eye, we will go out of our way to get as educated as we can on it during the weekends, so that by the next week we will be ready to provide an even better service.

What we believe in

These are the main values of our company, we consider these the three keys to our work, and to a happy customer


Good communication is vital in this industry: when clients are investing their money and putting their trust in you, it is important that you don’t break it. For this reason, we are proud of the continuous contact we keep with our clients: no matter the hour, they can always text us, and as soon as we see a message we will answer. This is also emphasized by our commitment to sending performance reports outlining the expenses and the performance of the adverts, so that the customer is always informed.


As stated above, we approach every project with enthusiasm and excitement: for us, it’s exciting to learn about new businesses and their brilliant ideas, and we are thrilled to be able to help them and assist them on their way towards success.


Whenever we set a date for a project, we commit to respecting it. Our punctuality is what allows us to manage multiple projects at a time, as we carefully plan out a timetable every week, where we can distribute our time depending on how much work a project needs.

What We Do Best

Marketing strategy

Facebook ads

Social Media Management

Remain aware of the competition

Google Ads

Web Design

Google analytics

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